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Our Services

24-hour Respite Care

We provide personal support and care throughout the 24-hour stay, including healthy home-cooked meals and the morning/afternoon tea and snacks. Our facility is a safe and clean space that your loved ones would feel comfortable at.

We offer in-house activities such as arts and crafts, cooking/baking, gardening and personal training programs to allow our clients to move at their own pace and find comfort in creating something they can use, eat, wear and display.

We also go on outings where we visit the zoo, nearby parks, the lagoon, bowling, laser tag and other fun places.


Flexible Short Break Stays

When your loved ones need looking after for a few hours of the day, we are here to provide them with relaxing activities in a safe and comfortable environment.

You would be at peace knowing that your loved ones are well taken care of. Our phone line and our door are always open should you want to check how they're doing or visit them.


NDIS Respite Package

We are an NDIS Registered Provider.


Our staff would love to answer any questions you may have on the packages and should you are new to NDIS, we would guide you through the process and set up the plan according to your needs. 


Please message or call us to discuss your options.

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After-School Care

Our After-School Care offers personal and customized service to ensure that our clients get the attention they deserve.


We provide transport, meals and relaxing activities for your loved ones while waiting for you to pick them up or for us to take them home. Rest assure your loved ones are safe with us.


Holiday Care

We offer short time accommodation during holiday periods for clients with special needs and disability.


We provide meals throughout their stay and give them activities they will get to choose and enjoy.

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Cooking and Baking Class

Hands-on activities give our clients a chance to learn life practical skills and the Cooking and Baking Class is something they would enjoy. We use the herbs and vegetables from our garden whenever we can and stay with them to make sure we keep them safe.

It's always nice to see your loved ones learn to cook meals and enjoy the dish they make.



One of our planned programs is outing. We take our clients to a nearby park to feed the ducks, to the zoo, the lagoon, laser tag, bowling, to a café for tea and snacks, and other places where they can enjoy their day and try new things.


Arts and Crafts

We have our own Art Therapy Class that runs every Thursday at 9:30 am to 11:30am at our Respite home, in a calm, relaxing but productive environment. All art supplies and morning tea/snacks are provided and everyone is welcome! It is designed as a small class so that it won't be overwhelming to our clients. Please contact our office to book your space. 

Our clients enjoy creating something they can use, wear or display and that's why we do Arts and Crafts program. We paint, build, decorate using letters and words, colours and shapes.


Vegetable Garden

We utilize the space in our backyard to plant some herbs and vegetables that we can use to cook our meals.


Our clients are happy and excited to pick the tomatoes, lettuce, basil and other herbs for cooking class.

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