Our Staff



Paramedic Student & Carer

Chris is our resident paramedic student who works both for SCA Support Community clients and at Purple Dream House as well. He's one of our popular support workers, fit and energetic. Chris enjoys playing basketball with our clients and is great at keeping up with our energetic ones.

Cath White (EN, SRN, AromDip)

The Purple Dream House Manager

& Support Care Angels Senior Manager

Cathy has a Diploma in Nursing, Community Pharmacy, Diversional Art Therapy, Cert III in Retail Operations, Diploma in Music Therapy and Aromatherapy, Cathy has also studied Autism Behavioural Intervention Therapy and is currently studying her Bachelor Degree in Nursing.

Debbie (Deb)

Assistant Respite Manager & Resident Carer

Deb has been working at Purple Dream House from the start as a disability support worker and with Support Care Angels in Community as well. She is passionate about her job looking after our Respite clients of all ages and disabilities. She is also in charged of the daily operations.

Jessica Roberts.jpg


Cert III in Community Services

Jess has been working with Support Care angels as a Community Support Carer and at our Respite as well. She's great with both kids and adult clients. She is passionate about her job and has great attention to detail, which makes it easy for her to  develop connection with clients.



Cert III in Community Services

Celeste is our Respite's Resident Carer and the Art Therapist at our own Art Therapy Class that runs every Thursdays from 9:30am to 11:30am. She is gentle, patient and passionate about her clients and easy to chat with.